True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Wheelbarrow

True Temper Wheelbarrow uses a thick poly tub to prevent rust and corrosion and reduce the general weight of the device. In addition to that, this is an ordinary cart that comes with 2 wheels as opposed to one. Having 2 wheels is better for projects where you have to carry heavy material and you do not need to worry turning tight corners or moving up ramps. This cart has 8 cubic ft. of space, which means that you may haul lots of material with every trip. The product also comes with 2 tapered wooden handles for easier and better grip.

True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Wheelbarrow

True Wheelbarrow Features

Ergonomically designed to offer additional stability with 2 wheels, this cart is beneficial to users who actively work in the garden or yard. The polythene tray is rust and corrosion resistant and will offer decades of great service. The handle is constructed of durable steel and features a comfort end grip for a better grip while wheeling. With six cubic ft. of carrying capacity, you will carry a wide range of load sizes from small to large making this a perfect wheelbarrow for all house care needs.

The product’s wide carrying capacity transport mulch, tools, gravel, dirt, and other material with ease. Its 6 cubic ft. has a wide carrying capacity of 122.5 kg (270 pounds) and is made of a single piece of long-lasting material reinforced edges, for better resistance, as well as steel straps braces in the front. The product has 50 inches ultra-strong steel handles as well as ergonomic grips that increase comfort, control, and ease unloading.

The other notable feature of this cart is its 16 inches knobby pneumatic two tuff tires. These tires make it an ideal product for landscapers, construction, and homeowners workers who need moving heavy items.  It is very easy to assemble the device and it comes with an attractive yellow color that is easy to clean. The tires a solid enough to carry all kind of loads but soft enough, like a rubberized tire. The tube is also very narrow.

Key Highlights

  • Huge tray that is perfect for carrying small and large loads
  • Steel handles with smooth end grips for better grip
  • 6 cubic ft. polythene tray never corrodes or rusts
  • Dual wheels boast stability while standing and wheeling
  • Tubed tires that contain inner tubes for an additional layer within the tire

The Pros

  • Rust and corrosion proof tray
  • Heavy-duty steel tray
  • 2-wheel design

The Cons

  • A bit tricky to assemble
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