Smart Garden Cart, Black

Smart Garden Cart, Black

This wheelbarrow from smart garden features a simple body design that makes it perfect for garden use.

It is constructed from special impact low temperature modifies polyethylene material that lasts for decades.

This ensures that the cart will last for many years without the need of hitting the market to get another one.

The product is as smart as its name suggest.

It’s among the most reliable garden wheelbarrows on the market today.

Wheelbarrow Description

One of the most notable features of this cart is its affordable price.

It is the best cart that a gardener will find on the market if he is on a set budget or he doesn’t have enough cash to buy a bigger model.

The other thing about this unit is that it comes when totally assembled and the owner doesn’t need to do anything to begin using it in his projects.

A person has the benefit of using it as soon as possible – when he arrives at home.

Another amazing feature of this cart is that it’s very reliable and easy to lift and dump its content.

It takes 2 seconds to offload all its content and move to the next project without wasting much time.

In short, it is very easy to operate and use and even a novice user may use it with little thought or even without a guide.

Other units are usually hard to operate especially for novice users.

Additionally, its wheels are durable and measure 10 inches – pretty big.

They are made of impact modified polyethylene that lasts long.

The wheels also move easily in all type of terrains (smooth, rough, with barriers, among others).

With all these amazing features, this is the type of cart that people need for their garden activities.

The unit doesn’t call for much maintenance or repair either.

Key Features/Highlights

  • Boasts of a reasonable storage capacity of 4½ cubic ft which is sufficient to carry light goods.
  • Made of polyphone material which makes it durable.
  • A great product for garden work and other light duties.
  • Comes with huge wheels which measure about 10 inches – they move easily in rough terrains.
  • Able to carry loads of up to 300 lbs.
  • Comes in attractive and easy to clean black color.
  • Measures just 23 inches wide by 27 inches tall.
  • Comes while fully assembled to ensure that the user gets straight into business.

The Pros

  • Already assembled
  • Both sturdy and lightweight
  • Easy to handle, regardless of the load being carried
  • Suitable for short people
  • Efficient product

The Cons

  • A bit small for tall people


Since gardening involves cleaning, maintaining, and planting activities such as trimming bushes, pulling out weeds, planting vegetables or flowers, and arranging stones as well as other objects, a person will find this wheelbarrow perfect for moving from one area to the other to load and dump these objects and wastes.

Also, he will find using this machine as easy task.

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