Seymour WB-JRB Children’s Hight Density Poly Tray Wheelbarrow

Improve your garden and lawn while playing with kids with this versatile, durable, and strong kid’s wheelbarrow. Its durable construction means that you will enjoy decades of use without any wear and tear (it will take a lot of beating to damage this unit). With a solid rubber and hardwood handles, playing with this device will be a breeze and will not tire or break your back. This is a must have device for any young gardener. The product comes in an attractive color that is pleasing to the eyes of kids.

Seymour WB-JRB Children’s Hight Density Poly Tray Wheelbarrow

Seymour WB-JRB Wheelbarrow Features

Seymour is one of the best children’s carts you will find on the market today. It features all the qualities to make your kid to enjoy playtime. It comes in a lightweight tray, which is of the highest quality possible and is also made of quality poly to keep your kids safe. The poly ensures that the unit is perfect and corrosion free for all outdoor activities. It doesn’t get affected by any kind of weather – sun or rain. The product comes with a great tire which is made of firm rubber and features smooth-rolling bearings which make it easy to pull or push around even when loaded.

The other great feature of this product is the handles which are made of ergonomic wood that is rot resistant and is quite strong. The product is also made of plastic which makes it a lightweight and good quality product for kids use. Although it is light, it features a durable high-density construction that carries heavy elements with ease. Due to its well-balanced design, the product is very easy to control by children as well as adults. It comes with front braces to add to its stability.

With this unit, the fact that you will get a rugged wheelbarrow doesn’t mean that you will compromise aesthetics. It is super cute – all the kids will surely love this. Its solid rubber wheel is durable, smooth rolling and features premium ball bearing that last long. In addition, its handle is pretty smooth and also perfect as its non-irritant. You should buy one for your kids.

Key Highlights

  • Features poly, ball bearing wheel for easier movement
  • Easy to assemble and comes with a high-density tray
  • Comes with hardwood handles which are rot resistance and easy to grip
  • Features front tray braces that add stability
  • Well-finished hardwood handles
  • Great for kids due to its lightweight nature

The Pros

  • High-quality product that lasts long
  • Great handles
  • Smooth rolling tires that come with ball bearings

The Cons

  • Thin plastic

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