Big 4 Wheeler Heavy-duty Wheelbarrow

Big 4 Wheeler Heavy-duty Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow from the Big 4 Wheeler features a huge carrying capacity of 10 cubic ft. which is ideal for carrying most garden supplies.

Compared to other carts, this unit is able to carry heavier supplies from the stones and wastes gathered from lawn mowing and gardening. In addition, this device is suitable for carrying semi-liquids and liquid products – besides solids.

Generally, people put this unit into different uses according to the nature of their job.

Wheelbarrow’s Description

With the 4 wheeler unit’s quality-made and heavy-duty wheels, the product is able to carry heavy loads with much stability and with least amount of effort from the user. It wheels boats of 2 varying sizes: 2 small wheels at the rare and 2 bigger ones at the front to ensure additional load stability. Furthermore, the machine is suitable for carrying all kinds of loads without getting corroded.  What is even amazing is that this product is suitable for both domestic and commercial use for purposes such as construction, agriculture, among others.

Due to its multi-purpose capability to carry supplies that may be of any nature (solid or liquid), and carry supplies from any place, there is no room for users to ask more; this is a great heavy duty machine. The product features a suspension feature that makes user capable of placing different types of loads in the tray. This tray is ergonomically constructed to carry all loads without spilling anything. Its handles also ensure that transporting loads is easy and comfortable.

Another great feature of this cart is the airless tires. These tires guarantees users that they will not deal with the issue of a flat tire and the tires perform better than other tires. This is pretty useful especially for people who use their product in areas that have cacti, thorns, scattered nails, and sharp objects. The product is also quite affordable. It is recommended for people who are operating under tight budget. The product is well constructed to reduce stress around the legs, shoulders, arms, and back to minimize fatigue.

Key Features/Highlights

  • 4-wheeled unit for heavy loads of different forms.
  • A quite stable machine that operates smoothly in all types of terrains.
  • Features durable airless tires than don’t get flat.
  • Holds 8 cubic ft. including liquids, semi-liquids, and solid.
  • Reduce stress on legs, back, arms, and shoulders.

The Pros

  • Has a huge capacity of 10 cubic ft.
  • Doesn’t spill the products.
  • Maintenance free tires.
  • Easy to maneuver around the garden
  • Durable unit

The Cons

  • Handles are a bit low


With all the above features and benefits, this wheelbarrow has indeed proven to be among the best heavy duty carts on the market today.

Its huge capacity of 10 cubic ft. and non-spill ability makes it great for carrying different types of supplies, whether solid or liquid.

Furthermore, the unit’s stable suspension makes it easier and comfortable to grip while operating it.

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