Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart

Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart

Best Choice Products is excited to present this amazing wheelbarrow and yard garden cart.

This green colored unit is made from powder coated steel, rubber, and polyurethane for a rust-free performance.

The product is lightweight and only needs eight bolts to assemble it completely.

Its weight capacity is only 330 lbs. and comes with clear instructions on how to assemble it (included for a step by step assembly).

The cart comes with amazing features such as high-quality material that make it reliable and durable.

Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart’s Details

The wheelbarrow has superb carrying capacity which enables the user to carry heavy material in it without much hassle.

It also boasts of solid padded loop handles that enable a person to drag his cart without hurting his hands.

The machine feature rubber wheels which make it stable in all kind of terrains and offer it balance when an individual pull or push it with heavy loads.

Furthermore, the unit has 5 cubic ft. space which accommodates a lot of items without any issue.

This is one of the most desired carts due to its never-ending features and usually grabs attention from individuals all over the globe due to its durable construction and sleek design.

The device helps the user to deal with all the issues which he might have when working in the garden or backyard.

Speaking of garden, the product is suitable for carrying flowers and plants; a person just needs to go outside and plant these living things in his garden or backyard.

The other great feature of this unit is that it takes less storage area and offer easy moving as well as dumping.

This is a great unit for using even in construction sites as it is easy to navigate through different terrains.

Its tires are also quite large, measuring about 13 inches and sturdy and pneumatic to enable better steering in these terrains.

The unit measures only 36” by 25” by 20” to make it good for carrying different products.

Key Features/Highlights

  • Green colored wheelbarrow and yard cart.
  • Constructed from powder covered steel, rubber, and polyurethane for a rust-free performance.
  • The deep product enables for 5 cubic ft. of space to be used for complex and simple projects.
  • Solid padded loop handles which doesn’t hurt your hands and make pushing or pulling easy and comfortable.
  • Product measures 36-inch length, 25-inch wide, and 20-inch height.
  • Product weight only 330lbs.
  • 13 inches rubber wheels are pneumatic and sturdy, which enable the user to steer his cart in all types of terrains.

The Pros

  • Padded handle
  • Rubber wheels
  • Sufficient space
  • Lightweight product
  • Travel in all terrains

The Cons

  • Only one color
  • Limited carrying capacity


This wheelbarrow is manufactured for people who usually get exhausted after working in their garden.

Due to its reliability and durability, they may use it unlimited application quite easily.

Today, people don’t like hard work, they love working smart and this is what they get from this cart.

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