Ames True Temper C6 Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow

Ames True wheelbarrow features 6 cubic ft. hauling capacity which is perfect for landscapers, homeowners, as well as light construction projects. This huge seamless steel tray is quite tough and will offer years of service. On the job or even around your house, this is the ideal wheelbarrow for your chores. The product also comes with 16 inches tubed wheel and a 60-inch seal coated wood handle that is smooth on hand. The unit measures 27 inches (H) by 25.5 inches (W) by 58.75 inches (W).

Ames True Temper C6 Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow

Ames True Wheelbarrow Features

Unlike what most people think, not all carts work the same. To be productive at work or even have an amazing gardening experience at your yard, great wheelbarrows such as Ames True are the best to use. With this unit, you get well-constructed wheelbarrow with a spacious 6 cubic ft. tray. Its tray is made of a rust-resistant material to ensure that it is both durable and one of the best for gardening activities (outdoor chores). The unit is also light and features a low profile design for fast and easy loading as well as unloading of items.

In terms of stability, Ames outmatches most of its rivals. Its solid frame supports lots of weight without bending or breaking under pressure. Seams are welded and tight, while its front part is mounted with H-braces to improve its durability as well as stability. In addition, you get a large tube wheel that lasts long and rolls smoothly on all types of terrain. Contractors depend on this wheelbarrow day after day. It meets their demand and provides reliable service and is constructed with the best quality specification.

The unit is great for carrying and mixing cement, stones, and other material – both light and heavy. It is also very easy to assemble this cart and won’t take your long. The product has a smooth solid feel and carries lots of weight without any difficulty. Its inflatable wheel keeps the ride smooth. It is an innovative unit with amazing control and comfort when going down or up a hill or just even when unloading with great reach and motion. The ergonomic handle also makes turning and dumping much easier.

Key Highlights

  • Promotional contractor wheelbarrow that is great for different uses
  • Heavy gauge seamless steel tray that carries more weight
  • Back H brace and front tray braces for addition stability
  • Comes with a hardwood handle that is smooth to hold
  • Heavy duty construction that ensures it lasts long

The Pros

  • Durable unit to last you years
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight product that is perfect for construction works

The Cons

  • The tire might puncture after a while

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